Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it.

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Stevie Wonder

Masterpool Studio’s high-end gear will treat your music in the best possible way. With  equipment from Manley, Cranesong, Weiss, Millennia, Dynaudio, Grace, Lynx and Merging Pyramix, the mastering process will mainly be done through an analogue chain that will give your music warmth and depth.

For the mastering engineer, it’s always important to remember the ears, the knowledge and the love of sound and music. Many years of experience with mastering will prepare your music to be released on vinyl, CD and digital platforms.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Important information when you send files to the mastering studio :

  • artist name
  • album/single/project name
  • label name
  • soundfiles in waveformat with a minimum quality of 44.1 kHz - 24 bit. Not processed and limited
  • a complete song order (if it’s files for vinyl, see below for more specific instructions)
  • codes for the label (ISRC) and referenece code for the release (katalognummer på norsk)

Before you hit the send button, please remember to check the files for digital glitches and digital noise. It’s very common to receive the mix through a file server as or You will recieve your files from us through a link to

Mastering for digital distribution

  • You will recieve the mastered files through
  • These are single files for the digital distributor.
  • The mastering studio don’t need ISRC- and reference codes. The label will add this codes when they upload the files to the distributor.

Mastering for CD

  • Masterpool send DDP master to the plant. You will get a copy of the master in single wave files to check for errors in the master. And off course listen to the finnish result of your sweet, tears and dreams.
  • The DDP master contains PQ codes (ISRC).

Mastering for vinyl

  • Mastered files for CD are usually  too bad  to use for a vinyl master.
  • Check this link for some tips on mixing for vinyl:

Works of Masterpool Studio

Mastered some of the soundtrack for the Dreamworks movie How to train a dragon 2.


Mastered some of the soundtrack to the game Civilization 6.

Mastered records that has won Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian Grammy) :

  • Noora Noor - Soul Deep (2009)
  • Dænsebandet - Vi talas (2011)
  • Farmers Market - Slav to the rhythm (2012)
  • Superbarna - Hipp Hurra (2016)

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